Pilot Wireless is dedicated to the wireless automation revolution. Very soon everything that you use on a daily basis will be connected, and we are delivering the technology and innovation that will power this transformation. Ceiling fans, garage doors, thermostats and lights employing Pilot Module technology will put the convenience of automated control squarely in your hands. The arrival of the ”internet of things is here” and it is being delivered by Pilot Wireless!

Garage door: Your garage door will automatically open when you pull into your driveway.
Kitchen appliances: Smart appliances can be pre-heated remotely, notify you when the wash load is finished, or even tell you when you are out if milk.
Light bulbs: Lighting can be controlled remotely, or lights can turn on as you enter a room.
ceiling fans that automatically turn on when your room reaches a certain temperature.
security system: remotely check your security cameras or check the status of doors and windows, as well as receive notifications when an alarm is tripped.
street lights: street lights create their own network and automatically adjust brightness to optimize energy use in the evenings.
thermostat: control your air conditioning and heating remotely, or allow them to automatically set energy saving temperatures while you are at work.
irrigation systems: automatically anjust irrigation systems depending on current weather, saving water when it rains and saving your plants when it is hot.